water // jack garratt
~ i have this song on every playlist. the lyrics make such nice visuals in your mind and its so relaxing, that it always fixes my mood ~

drama // jesse rutherford
~ if you like music with a 'Grease' vibe, with a bit more pop ~

without u // beach goons (spooky black cover)
~ the original by spooky is amazing as well, but this cover just adds something to the song that makes it addicting ~

24 karat 2016 // gladius
~ i don't think this song is for everyone, but it has such a good vibe to it, that you can't help but dance to it ~

baseball // hippo campus
~ if you're a fan of bands like The Frights and The Neighbourhood, then I think you will very much enjoy this song~

jenny was a friend of mine // the killers
~ the killers is one of my all time favorite bands, and this song is truly a classic that speaks for itself ~

waterfalls ft. nico santos // lvndscape & holland park
~ this song is so cute i swear ~

say it to my face // maty noyes
~ a bop. that's literally all I have to say ~

fallen // on planets & chris james
~ on planets is so underrated, i recommend all of his music. chris james was also featured in 'the veldt' by deadmau5, which is such a beautiful song in my opinion.~

yyz // rush
~ this song is purely guitar, but rush is a band that I will always hold close to my heart. ~

changing of the seasons // two door cinema club
~ this song is perfect for valentines day if you're a bit more bitter about the holiday ~

feels like summer // weezer
~ a playlist isn't fully complete without a little weezer ~