when it comes to fashion, im no master. i also get really insecure about people dont liking my style. i guess im getting better with that insecurity. colored socks and weird shirts its a way to start i think. oh i forgot! everyting that is from the 80s or 90s are THE wait for it Best.
so lets start:


jeans, fashion, and grunge image fashion, jeans, and rose image fashion, jeans, and outfit image geek, look, and moda image
arent those amazing?


article, champion, and style image nike, red, and boy image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image outfit image
so comfy and heartmelting god


accessories, aesthetic, and girls image fashion and white image fashion, clothes, and alien image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image
anything with a fancy quote or just simple ones


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and clothes image fashion, black, and style image grunge, style, and outfit image
they can be so warm


shoes, socks, and van gogh image converse, aesthetic, and grunge image rainbow, adidas, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fashion, and nike image
you might had notice that im an art entusiastic and socks are the way to express myself to the society


blue, aesthetic, and sweater image fashion, pink, and style image autumn, sweater, and fall image fashion, black, and sweater image
great for winter days :)


fashion image aesthetic, dark, and plants image fashion, style, and yellow image fashion, outfit, and style image
i guess i've never enjoyed skirts, they required too much responsability (you know what i mean), but im starting to like them a lot by now


jeans, grunge, and shoes image shoes, boots, and grunge image cat, boots, and shoes image docs, grunge, and martens image
the most great looking boots and shoes. i like classic things, dont judge me.


fashion, grunge, and roses image shoes, adidas, and sneakers image shoes, grey, and nails image adidas, blue, and shoes image
as an athete, i think that sneakers are the way to go

if you want more details you can take a look to my own collection:

and that's all, as i remember.
thank you for your time.

and always remember to stay positive! you're a gorgeous masterpiece

xoxo :)