And i sit and wonder, wonder if this is what love is supposed to feel like? A broken heart and an aching chest from crying so much.

And I know, know that I should let you go. Because you don't love me and you never have. But there is this slight glimpse of hope that you one day will. And that is why I can't move on, I can't let you go. Because I want you to love me as much as I love you.

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People tell me that one day I will have forgotten you, that I will have moved on and stopped caring about you. That I sit 50 years from now and think about the time I wasted on you. But 50 years from now I want you to sit next to me and smile because I didn't stop fighting for the both of us and how we finally ended up together.

But deep down I know that it won’t happen and that I should let you go, but I can’t because I just love you too much.

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