Hi there !

So i am new in here please tell me if i make mistakes, also my English is not very good.

My school is going to start new term in 5th February. Before the start new term i decided my goals. So here they are:

Take Care Of Myself

I want to take care of myself more because when i don't do it i feel myself ugly and i lost my self confidence so i need to be take care.

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Like face mask, lotion, acne remover cream...

Study More

Normally my grades are good enough but i want to be more successfull. I am in science high school. In our country science high schools are number one high schools. You can be doctor or engineer from this schools. I want to be a doctor because i love biology more than physics. So i need to study more and productive.

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I need to review subjects more and i must learn and review all the question types. Also i must do my homework day by day.

Eat Healthy

I must eat healthy and i mustn't choose food. I don't like vegetables but i must eat vegetables too. Sometimes i skip meals i mustn't do it. I need to eat fruit and vegetable more.

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Also i need to drink more water.

Read a Book

I didn't read a book for a long time but today i started new book so i want to read lots of book. Also it will help my lessons and grades.

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That's all. I hope new term goes well! See you next time!!