Recently youtube recommended me a video from a channel called "yes theory" was called : "sneaking into hollywood movie". I have to admit...I only clicked on it because "La La Land" and a funny looking guy (who's name I know now..he's called Thomas) were on the title-picture. Ande after that vid I watched another one...and another one again and again and again....and I fell deeply in love with them, their story and their adventures.

W H O A R E T H E Y ?
Yes Theory is a group of four friends from four different countries who live together in LA and make awesome videos. There is...
- Ammar. He's a 22 year old egyptian and the funny, open to everything and open-minded one (I'd say)
- Derin. He's the 24 year old, turkish member of the group. Because he had to leave the group recently and was a lot of the times behind the camere, I don't know a lot about him.
- Matt. A 24 year ild french-american. He's the most grown-up and reflective of the group but still open to new adventures.
- Thomas. A 23 year old french-sweedish guy and my favourite group member. He's funny and open yet shy and uncomfortable but sometimes he w'ont admit and acts like he's the coolest guy alive. This mixture makes him soo funny and..ikd I just like him. Haha

W H A T D O T H E Y D O ?
Yes theory are all about "seeking discomfort". They challenge themselves and every viewer of them to do things that they are not comfortable with because the more you do those things, the less uncomfortable they become. They try to spread this message all around the world and I absolutely love this idea!
So if you're not familiar with them Iy'd absolutely recommend watching them and following their idea. Here ist the link to their youtube channel:

They've inspired me and I hope they will inspire you aswell <3