Languages are hard, but so important. English is a must in almost any given country, German is also popular among european countries and in my country in order to get a good job, you should be at least somewhat fluent in another, third language, too. But how to acquire such langugae skills?

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Take classes
This might sound like a no-brainer to some, but a lot of people are trying to learn langugae by themselves. I am not saying that you can't do this, but joining a class will keep you motivated, force you to dedicate time and also proide you with immediate feedback.
I've been taking Japanese classes for three years now and thanks to those I have had a chance to meet a great teachers with lot of experience, got in touch with foreign books, textbooks and other stuff I probably wouldn't be able to and made a friends with whom is the class much more interesting and fun.

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Use apps
These days we carry another world inside of our phones (sound like a pitch for Emoji movie) and language apps are pretty popular. Duolingo and Memrise are the most popular, feauture a great selection of languages and study materials. LingoDeer is another one popular for East Asian languages. Today there is an app for almost any language or type of learner.. Flashcards based apps are my favourites but I am sure you can find something that suits you.

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Try an audiobook
Surrounding yourself with language is a thing written a lot in this type of articles, but I personally suggest this option. I have always found reading or watching movies in German really hard but since I have downloaded Harry Potter audiobook in German I swear by it. This way I only focus on one thing with no other way of figuring out what is going on (like setting, emotions of actors or finding a foreign word in dictionary) so I try to catch as much as possible, find words I understand and in comparison with my excessive HP knowlledge figure out the rest.
I can actually feel my langugae improving while cooking, riding a bus or folding the laundry.

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Social networks
There is a suprising amount of material for language learners on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest is also a great sourse for this type of content. I keep a little notebook where I jot down new words or phrases I find while scrolling my feed and writting them down and decorating the pages actually engraves them in my mind!

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Changing your settings
Super easy, super effective. Change your phone to your desired language. I suggest learning the basi'scs first so you actually know what to do or how to change it back (I changed my phone to German, I accidentaly dropped it and I just saw a notification saying Tut uns leid /we are sorry/ something something and I had no clue what to do or what was happening), but it can really help. If you do so with your social sites you will actually pick up a lot of neologisms that you usually don't learn in class.

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Create something
This might sound odd but as soon as you pick up some phrases you should try to create something. Writing a poem, song, short story, dialogue or just a speech on certain subject will help you a lot. You are actually forced to find words fitting your purpose and you are learning them along the way.
I do this a lot ofr my German school leaving exam. I am working on an project in German about the country (and writing the whole thing) and last year I had a speech about 1920's fashion. I have actually found myself being able to memorise new vocabulary effortlesly.
I also like, write articles in English, that's something.
As one saying goes: The best way to get into the subject is writting a book about it. //B

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