Hi dear hearter,

So, few days ago I wrote an article about some things you should know before get tattoed. There are so much things to say about this subject, that I could not put everything in only one article.
That's why I'm comming back with a second part.

Here is the first part if you didn't already checked it.

The choice of ink

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As you see, there is multiple choices of ink, conventional or original ones.

Black ink : most classic one. Better choice for a first tattoo if you want my opinion. Every tattoo artist masters black ink, it's simple and it will be the easier to maintain.
White ink : unusual but more and more widespread. Originally, it allowed to lighten a shade or illuminate certain areas of a tattoo. But you can now have a whole tattoo in white. It's used a lot to make fine patterns reminiscent of lacework. However be careful, as the white ink is not covering, the result is very little visible on a black or matte skin.
Ultraviolet ink : a tattoo invisible except under black light. Be carefull those inks are very controversial in tattoo's world.
Colored ink : can make a tattoo beautifull if well used. Be careful if you decide to use red, because red inks can sometimes be allergen. Ask to your tattoo artist to do a test before if never try it.

NB : After 10 or 15 (if you take care of your tattoo) years, the ink will fade naturaly a little bit and you will have to return in a tattoo shop if you want "refresh" your tattoo. Colored in is the one which fade the most quicly, with of course white ink.

Pain time and money.

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Here is questions I heard a thousand times when it comes to tattoos. Let me answer :

Oh god does it hurt ?
Well sometimes yes and sometimes no. Let me explain :
firstable, it depend of your own pain sensitivity.
Then it depend of your tattoo. Bigger your tattoo will be, more it will take time to do it, and so more you will be exposed to tattoo sensation and de facto more it can become painful. But don't worry if your tattoo is realy big, your tattoo artist will give you few appointements. Plus, shading and "filling" are more painful than a simple line because the tattoo artist had to pass several times on the same area.

And finaly some area of your body are more sensitive, it will be more painful to tattoo those areas.

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But reminds that, even if you tattoo a "safe/painless" zone, it's a needle that gets you into the skin. So inevitably that it is NOT PLEASANT.

How long will it take ?
Well, depend of your tattoo's size and complexity. It can take 20min like it can take hours and hours. Let me show you a little exemple to make it all concrete with some of my own small tattoos :

Image by Marion Image by Marion
black crescent moon : a little less than half an hour - Owl : about an hour and a half

Nobody can realy say how long will take your tattoo session except your tattoo artist.

And how much does a tattoo cost ?
money money money, must be funny in a richman's world
Yes a tattoo is expensive. And if it's cheap, avoid it (cf part 1.)
The cost of your tattoo depend, how big is it, how complex is it, the ink (color, black, uv...) and the artist you choose, yep very good artists are very expensives.
You have to know something : no matter how small is your tattoo event if it's just a point, there is a a minimum price ( 50€ in France) because it's the price of all the supplies, especially those for single use (cf part 1).

For exemple I paid 80€ for my crescent moon and 160€ for my owl. And they are small tattoos.

And once again, nobody can realy say how much you will pay your tattoo except your tattoo artist.

Healing and care


Believe me young tattoo padawan you do not want to see your tattoo get infected.
I assume your tattoo artist will explain everything about it, but just in case you didn't realy listen, here is advices you need to follow.

1. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
2. During the first week, clean your tattoo with a neutral ph soap 2 times per day.
(if you do it more than twice/day your tatto risk to fade. Don't do it enough and bim infection.)
3. Apply the cream recommended by your tattoo artist 4 or 5 times a day to prevent your tattoo from drying.
4. Put your tattoo "open air" the most possible.
5. NEVER EVER scratch it or you will have holes in your tattoo after healing.
6. The 10 days after your tattoo session, avoid the baths, the sea, swimming pool etc... and sport because your tattoo is for your skin an open wound.

I suggest you continue (forever) to protect your tattoo of the sun or it will discolor as and when.

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Now you are ready to get tattooed and well informed yeah !

If you want an advice about the tattoo session in itself, eat well before going, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, and do not take aspirin before either because it fluidifies blood.
I strongly advise you not to put anesthetic cream either at the risk of changing the texture of your skin, which will eventually distort your tattoo.
Tattoo is kind of addictive, once you start, usually, you didn't event finished your first one that you are already thinking about the second. And you just have more and more ideas and do more and more of tattoos. But it's cool, you choose when stop.

I wish you welcome in the wonderfull tattoo's world and I hope I helped you even a litle bit.
If you have more questions, or if you want more articles about tattoos, let me know :)

Kisses and à plus !