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I'm finally writing an article again after some busy days (I'm still very busy tho) and I wanted to write an inspirational article for you guys that maybe can help you.
I love helping other girls out and because of everyrhing you guys do for me, I wanna do something back with helping you out on how to style and put together an outfit.
I'm not a professional stylist but I just love fashion and wanna share my knowledge with you.

I'm also gonna write an article about how you can find your personal style so stay tuned for that one!
I hope this will help you a bit so let's go further and enjoy reading this article.


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casual clothes like a nice fitting jeans or a plain skirt, t-shirt or sweater are musts! This is the base of your outfit and these pieces are the things you're gonna wear the most so invest in good quality basics. Yes, you can spend 5 euros/dollars on a cute plain shirt but this won't be a good quality t-shirt so you end up buying more and spending more money. Basics are key so take good care of them.
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As you can see in the pictures you see theyre wearing layers. It looks boring when you wear one piece on your body. Try to combine your outfit with a cute jacket, cardigan or wear a cute bralette when you're wearing a see-through blouse.

TIP: wear some plain clothes underneath and throw on a cute and extra looking jacket (for example: a fur jacket)

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You really need to try this out! Wear a cute outfit and wear heels with it and wear sneakers and see the difference! Your outfit will get other vibes when changing your shoes from heels to sneakers or from sneakers to over-the-knee boots.

TIP: Socks are also a nice way to add a little extra. Fish-net socks or printed socks are a fun way to give your feet a little 'extra' attention.

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To add some bling and swing to your Pretty look you need to add some accessoiries. Details are everything wether you're wearing one ring or a 3-layered necklace. Belts, caps, scarves, bags and glasses are also accessoiries, don't forget them too!
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Every girl need at least 2 little black dresses in her closet. Just a black dress you can wear with everything and for every occassion.

TIP: go for a plain body-con dress. You can wear it so much and look cute with it whatever you're wearing with it.

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Just wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! If you wear what you love you'll also love how you look and boost up your confidence and confidence makes you even more Pretty than you already are.
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Find some inspiration icons and check daily what they're wearing if you really like what they're wearing. Also find a person with beautiful style that matches yours and that looks a bit like you so you know if she looks good in it, you'll deffinitely look good in it too! I don't have an icon. I just look up some outfits on WHI and pinterest :)


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any questions you wanna ask me, feel free to send me a message. I would love to hear from you!
Just go wild with fashion, fashion is supposed to be fun and fashion is for everyone! And never let anyone make you feel down because of opinions, I'm sure you'll rock and look stunning in your outfit.

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I hope we'll meet again in my next article!
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february 3, 2018