I think I'm falling in love.
or maybe it's too soon to say
infatuation, most probably.

You don't even know me very well
You've just always been there doing your own thing in the spotlight
with an astronomical audience to cheer you on

and I've been carefully admiring in the background
staring in awe of your existence and who you are

but instead of discovering you,
i have discovered myself.

it started in that moment
around you, i've always felt nervous and vulnerable and safe all at once

you have a passion for the vastness of space
you deserve the universe
and I know you're going to get it someday,
whether it be crafting the spacecraft that will get the first human on Mars
or being that human yourself

Cosmic dust from your fingertips wrap around my heart
Like a supernova, it explodes what used to be a star
On your own, on my own
we'll search forever more
grasping through the depths of the Unknown
for another Person to call Home.


Article Playlist:
EXO- Universe
Sleeping At Last- Venus
Train- Drops of Jupiter
Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat- Lucky
BTS- Serendipity
BTS- Tomorrow