You may think that this article is about feelings like love or hate but its more than that, everybody feels love and hate sometimes but the feelings I want to describe are feelings of mine and I dont know who have those feelings too.

crying till no more tears are left

Have you ever cryed so much about a reason ( it can be everything) that you had no more tears left? And you just laid there on your bed, watching at the ceiling or sitting against the wall, looking into nothing and just feeling nothing. Your dried tears at your cheaks, your hands in your hair and feeling nothing.

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Second & third
Hearing music with headphones on and
stop the music

Sometimes when i had a bad day listening to music make me happy again, but mostly when i hear the music with headphones on, because I think it makes you feel the musik more. Its like you and the musik are kinda "one team against the world"
have you ever tried to hear your musik with headphones at a location where its silent? Well do that! And then when it comes to the chorus hear the music loud! and then in the highest part of the song... just stop it! Yes, you heard right! Turn of your music and just listen to that silence! I think nobody can discribe this feeling.

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I don't know if I'm happy

Whenever I'm happy, just in the next moment I'm sad.
And the worst part of this I can't tell why; 'cause everything in my life is okay. Nothing bad has happened.

I'm happy really often, expecially when i'm with my friends or when I'm doing something that i like, but then, often when i'm alone I feel like shit and alone.
Sometimes I feel alone even if I'm in the middle of people.
Ugh I just hate this feeling, 'cause I dont even know it.

and I just want to tell this somebody but I really don't know how, and i don't know if my friends are reading this article, but I am kinda scared of the reaction.

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But guys life is not bad! We all can be happy forever some day just try to see erverything positive- me