"That moment when you thought you could post more often since exams are over but it turns out you can't either way because you are a lazy bum.."

Hi you! How are you doing?
I hope you are having a very peaceful day/night!

Today, I wanna talk about routine. What is routine?

a sequence of actions regularly followed; that is the definition of routine.

It's like you live this day, and then you live it again and again.. on infinite repeat.

That's how my life is, and I'm sick of it.
Routine is lethal, it eats away your creativity, and slowly even your happiness.
How does it feel when everyday is exactly the same as the one before it?.. suffocating.. as if you're trapped in a cell.

But it isn't that easy really, is it?
You can't help living a routine, right?
Some things need to be done regularly and on a daily basis,.
but don't live the rest of your day everyday!
Here are some fun ideas so you can break the routine!

quotes, david bowie, and neon image

⦿ мovιe nιgнт

coca cola hippie
get some snacks and drinks, popcorn and some friends or just with family, and set a movie night!

⦿ вυввle вaтн

bath bath
pamper yourself, fill the tub and just soak, let all your sorrows and fatigue be washed away, bubble baths are the best!

⦿ graв a вooĸ and a cυp oғ coғғee

coffee book
and let yourself drift into a world of wonder,,

⦿ тaĸe pιcтυreѕ

autumn amazing
take your phone and go out, take pictures of the sky, the sunset and the sunrise, the clouds, crowded streets, empty alleyways, feel with your heart more than you see with you eyes,

⦿ go ѕнoppιng

fashion aesthetic
and if you're broke like me, window shopping is good enough too, look for things that you would like to buy when you get the chance, or just try on different clothes for fun!

⦿ pιcnιc

food flowers
call out some friends, or family, pack some sandwiches and snacks, and go the park and spend a magical day with nature!

⦿ prepare a ғancy мeal

breakfast Superthumb
take a trip to the kitchen, find yourself a yummy recipe and start cooking! meals that you prepare yourself taste very delicious!

and that is all I have for you today~ I hope you enjoyed it and felt inspired to try any of these!