1. Be a better student

Study everyday at home, take efficient notes and get my degree.

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2. Learn to do things I've always wanted to

Learn how to drive, how to swim, how to play the celtic harp and how to dance

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3. Improve my knowledge

Read lots of books, watch lots of movies, learn new languages.

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4. Spend quality time with people I love

Spend time with my lover, my family and be closer to my friends

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5. Travel

Find myself abroad.

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6. Get healthy

Go to be early and wake up early, do exercise and eat better.

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7. Get my own style

Keep on wearing what I want, and looking like what I want no matter what others think.

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8. Enjoy every moment

Learn to enjoy ordinary moments as they spread so much joy.

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9. Make my house a home.

Be more organized to be able to decorate it as I want a cosy lifestyle.

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10. And turn my life into a work of art.

Never stop writing, painting, drawing, taking photos and living life in the fast lane.

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