Someone told me that no one could cure depressed person.
Only the depressed person himself can do it.
Back then i didn't get it, but now i get it, it's true i still have bad days when i want to shut everything around me, and i have good days where i smile from ear to ear.
what i realized its only about finding something that keeps you busy and happy, a hobby or something that you find yourself good at, and that will makes you feel useful and worth it.
Depression is all about poisoned dark thoughts, so finding a hobby or something that makes you feel good is like a light that will break through that darkness.
I know everyone has his own story his own experience has his own thoughts and reasons, but in the end its us who can fix ourselves, no matter what life do to you there is people who will be sad if something bad happen to you, it's all meant to be its all a test to you , and every day is like a chance life gives you to fight and get through this test that, and in the end of the day you shall pass it smiling and be like i did it, I did it by myself, i know it's not easy ut you have to believe in yourself, if they didn't you should.
For a depressed fellow don't give up, you are worth it, you are useful, be stubborn don't let dark thoughts and dark world break you, you break it and seek for your own happiness, get ride of dark thoughts and spread happy and positive ones, don't just let your self stocked in your bubble, you'll suffocate your self.

and as being a depressed person is not something to be shame of, every one can be sad, depressed people have like i describe it a little more dose of sadness that "normal person".

This is my first article, i know its not perfect (English is not my first language please don't mind my mistakes :3 ) i just had the idea and wrote it don't judge, i hope people get my message and what i wanted to say in this, lots of love <3