Hello, how are you guys? I hope you're fine. Today I will list the groups I most listen to daily and that I am a fan. I will also explain why I like the group.

9. AOA
I think it's amazing what AOA does, they're sexy without being vulgar, and that's why I really like them. I do not think they have a song that is bad. But, I have to admit that I was a little discouraged after Choa left the group, I understand why she left, but now I feel a little poser, because I'm not as excited as I was with them before Choa left , but I will continue to support the girls, and I will continue to give them much love.

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My favorite MV: Like a cat
My bias: It was Choa :(
Favorite Music: Elvis

Talent + charisma + beauty = BLACKPINK.
What should I tell you? You must already be tired of knowing that BLACKPINK is a wonderful group. I think the BLINKS are the most patient fans because we're expecting a comeback from the girls a long time ago.

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My favorite MV (We don't have many options): Boombayah
My bias: Jisoo
Favorite music (We don't have many options here too): Whistle (acoustic ver. (But I love the normal version too))

7. WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
This group is certainly one of the ones I liked so much. The first MV I watched was "Secret", I watched it when it was released, and I LOVED it, not only the music, but the entire MV, I found the MV very creative (as well as "I Wish"), and since then I started to follow the group. I wanted them to continue with the same concept as "Secret".

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My favorite MV: Happy
My bias: Xuan Yi
Favorite Music: Kiss me

THESE GIRLS ARE THE LOVES OF MY LIFE. Besides the wonderful choreographies, I also love the vocals (of course). I think Yuju has one of the most beautiful voices in all K-Pop, her voice is very powerful, even more so to perform loud notes.
One thing that makes me sad to see on the internet is some people who insist on playing hate on Umji, saying that she is fat / ugly, being that she is just a teenager. The words hurt. Sometimes you may find that it does not affect her, but in a way, it does. It is not just her, but many other idols can try to lose weight in crazy ways (ie unhealthy forms), causing various health damage. I think Umji is beautiful (honestly), she is very cute, and does not deserve to receive hate.

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My favorite MV: Navillera
My bias: Yerin
Favorite Music: Fingertip

This one was huge, if you do not want to read go to the next one, however I advise you to read, because I have addressed some important things about some of the girls.

I have to admit that I had a hard time accepting that I am Once. I always knew TWICE, I accompanied, I liked the songs, but I did not admit that I was a fan. I have no problem with that today.
Please stop saying they have no talent, because that is not true. Think how they (and many other idols who suffer from it) should feel before all these comments. At the beginning of their career, they did not really have a good vocal, but now they are getting better and better.
I want to say a few things:
Regarding Momo: I really think that by the time of Sixteen her voice was prettier than it is today, not that her current voice is ugly, but it looks like she's forced (due to the group's concept). I mean, her voice is cute today, and by the time of Sixteen her voice was more woman, if you understand me.
Regarding Tzuyu: Tzuyu is very talented, she has a very beautiful tone, she dances well, and is very charismatic, I am writing this because there are a lot of people who think that Tzuyu is just a face and body beautiful without any talent.
Regarding Jihyo: SHE IS NOT UGLY, HOW CAN YOU FIND THAT? I'm sorry if you disagree, but I think she's pretty, besides being very talented.
Regarding Jeongyeon: I see some people doubting that she is female, for the simple fact that she has short hair (mainly in the era of Cheer Up). WTF?
I know the other girls also have other problems, but I wanted to address the main ones.

Image by ★Jimena★Sosa★
I know this photo is old, but I love it.

My favorite MV: Like OOH AHH
My Bias: Momo
Favorite Music: Like OOH AHH

I'll be quite straightforward: mamamoo won me over for the girls' moods, and the wonderful voices. Let's be honest: this group is one of those who has the best vocals of K-Pop. Give them love, because they deserve it.

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My favorite MV: 1cm
My bias: Solar
Favorite Music: Decalcomanie

They make a concept that I really like, that's why I like them. Another thing I like a lot about this girls is the sense of humor, and the talent, of course. I am completely in love with Hyerin's voice (and the others too), so I chose her as my bias.

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My favorite MV: Ah Yeah
My bias: Hyerin
Favorite Music: L.I.E

I have the honor to say that I have followed them since debut. At first I had not really liked the debut song, but after a while I was all the time talking "WEE WOO WEE WEE WOO WEE". I like them a lot, I do not think there's a song I do not like.

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My favorite MV: We like
My bias: Yuha
Favorite Music: Tina

1. Red Velvet
These girls conquered my heart from the first moment I saw them. I think they are unique in K-Pop. What I like most are the MVs, which are incredible. My favorite concept is Red. I do not know what else to say. They're amazing, that's it.

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My favorite MV: Automatic
My bias: Wendy
Favorite Music: One of these nights

There is 1 group missing, but I decided not to put it. This group is LOOΠΔ , but I did not put them in this ranking because they have not yet officially debuted, and I may not like the concept of them together. My bias is Choerry

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry if I said anything that might have been ignorant in a way.

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