I've been feeling a little bit sad, mad and lonely so I started writing my feelings and thoughts in a paper, as I was wishing to be as free as them. I looked at the kitchen and realized I could use as an excuse taking out the garbage. An excuse for myself.

I got ready, and went out. I started walking without having a destiny, the night was perfect, windy, kinda cold, nice for a walk.

The first thing that happened was, after a while I didn't know which path to take and there were two options one to a place I have never been to and the other one to somewhere I know well. Before thinking anything the traffic light went on green so I decided to go that way (the place I already knew) I kept walking and then turned around because I was thinking about the other path, where would it had taken me? and I realized it was a parking lot and there was no other way to go to any other place just back to where I was.

I think life is like that, it gives you two options, and you have to decide which one is better for you but you have only got half of the information. I don't mean you have to always choose what you already know, sometimes you have to risk. Everything happens for a reason, maybe the traffic lights changed to green because I had to go that way because the other one didn't take me to any beautiful place.

What I mean is don't worry at first just let things happen by its self because at the end everything that happen will take you to the place you have to go or be.

I kept walking and realized every time I had to walk across the street or the traffic lights changed to green quickly, or cars just stopped or there were no cars. For me that means something good, which makes me feel greatful. The Universe wanted me to start feeling better.

A girl walked in front of me with a chocolate bar, so I decided to go and buy one. On my way back home after buying chocolate a guy just stared at me and didn't take his eyes off , I walked by and he started saying stuff, which I ignored. That made me think about girls, I have seen here in Spain that most women say that they don't like guys to tell stuff to them on the street and I think that's right, if they think you are cute they should just be like "hey, I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful", more respectful, right? Idk, tell me what you think.

The last thing that happened was when I came home, the elevator was there waiting for me, another gift of the Universe.

This was my little adventure, remember to always feel grateful for those little things that happen as little gifts that we sometimes ignore. -Alison G.

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