Hello, dreamers! I was going to post this in the middle of February, but I'm full of music, and I needed to show you, sweethearts!

So let's go! Enjoy!

1. Glow - Gabrielle Current

light and city image Mature image

2. Warm Honey - Willow

honey, yellow, and aesthetic image willow smith image

3. Talk - Salvatore Ganacci

pink, tumblr, and baby image Abusive image

4. God's Plan - Drake

legs, sapphic, and wlw image aesthetic, blue, and hearts image

5. Let Me Down - Jorja Smith

aesthetic, back, and skin image girl, vintage, and tumblr image

6. Naked - Ella Mai

lace, aesthetic, and soft image fashion, gold, and aesthetic image

7. I Sip - Tory Lanez

aesthetic, cherry, and glossy image classic, fashion, and makeup image

8. All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar

пара, счастье, and любовь. image flores, flowers, and grunge image

9. She Loves Control - Camila Cabello

girl, grunge, and indie image lips image

10. Just The Same - Charlotte Lawrence

boy, face, and eyes image girl, flowers, and style image
"i fucking hate u" she's so gorgeous

11. Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man

red, coca cola, and retro image aesthetic, art, and black image

12. Mine - Bazzi

Inspiring Image on We Heart It rose, red, and flowers image


couple, smoke, and trainspotting image 1980, 1980s, and eighties image

14. Spotlight - Lil Peep & Marshmello

spotlight image Abusive image

15. Cali Vibes - ejay.

Image by Emma alternative, beach, and grunge image
You can only hear this song on soundcloud.


Thank you, dreamers, for everything! I hope you enjoyed!

Don't forget that I am here for you, send me a message whenever you want, for whatever you want, I literally love to talk to you, guys!

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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