Note : English is not my native language , i'm sorry if i made any mistakes in this article .

it's never easy to get over a heartbreak or to fight depression .. all of these need exercising just like getting ready to have a healthy life .. u need to be patient u need to have a strong will ..

It took me a very long time to fight but what matters in the end that i made it <3

  • Find the reason :
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take a look about all the bad things that you been through ... what is the common thing between all of them ? you will find one or two right it down .. keep thinking and analyze ..take a deep breathe and think .

  • let it all out :
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vent it .. maybe it's hard sometimes but you have too .. but choose carefully who you will vent to .. if u don't have that someone ' family or friend ' .. You have to be that one .. vent to secret groups .. write it down .. don't be afraid .. every time you feel that chocking... you write it and burn it .. But YOU HAVE TO let it out

  • Forgive Yourself :
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the past is the past .. u won't do this again .. this will never happen again .. no matter what you have done .. you have learned and that's what matters now .. you can make up for yourself .. just forgive ..

  • Do what you love , Daily :
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for me what i love is WHI , music and reading .. i don't have a particular hobby .. but i have passion for beauty .. i spent hours listening to cool music i love .. books and movies were and still my best friends .. even if i were busy i make myself time to do at least one thing of those .

  • You deserve some fun :
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get out of that bed , move that ass and leave that place xD

go out , have fun YOLO .. you have wasted too much time on being sad .. you need to take a break

  • Be around people who makes you smile :
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search .. they're always there ..

  • Never again :
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delete everything that reminds you of that dark time of your life .. get rid of all of it .. you have to let it go

  • You are your best friend :
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practice loving yourself everyday .. what people like about you ? what do you like about yourself ? look how blessed you are .. make up for yourself .. cuz you're the one who know how you will do that <3

  • Set goals :
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what was your dream ? why did you stop chasing it ? when will you make that move ?

  • be proud of that lil goals that you've reached :
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if you did this now you can do more later <3 just like baby steps

  • know different people , different minds , different places :
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you have to know that you're not alone .. there are exciting stories out there waiting for you :D

  • You :
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you're the one you've been waiting for to save you .. don't wait for anyone

YOU can make it <3

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