The Definition Of A Murderer Lover Of Glitter

Actually, everything start when you start burning all when I visited a place.

Oh,and another thing, im not a murderer.

I know tittle say that but, pffffff

I have never kill, actually, I don’t support see enough blood.

I denomie myself a little bit murderer sparkly.

Have you ever see glitter? I mean not as just glitter, no, her very particular characteristics as a thing.

Shine wherever it goes, some people hate her because she can end even in water, you cant escape of her, but is there, and at the end can make a lovely or a disaster work.

Glitter is like the true.

Its there,it shines, and people doesn’t like work with them, because, I mean,the promedy human have three secrets he never gonna say, and when a true goes out, people can hate you,or people can love you.Obvuisly this change of what is about the secret, you can have of secret your rescue a little cute dogs, people gonna love you, but if you kill someone, no, you have the dislike of one person already.

A murderer is someone who takes their life away,plays with the life of the person as he want,and take the decision of end with that someones life,they say life is a gif only god can take away, but murder is worst than homicide,why?

Because murder is more planned.

Like glitter with the true, have some common characteristics,well…

A murderer is like the one who told the true.

Just, think it about, its hated for one person (the one who secret was reveleaded)plays with life, or with true, makes you feel the danger and also segurity lie can win, plays with you, I mean you cant say/or make all what a normal person could do when you lie.

Its like, you lie that you don’t like strawberry ice cream because your crush, but, you like the strawberry ice cream, but your crush is looking at you, and you want really eat that strawberry ice cream, but you cant, true is playing with you for lie.

A murder is more planned,like true,need have really high planned things to find the ture,even how small the lie is, you need investigate wich is the lie.

And what I do mean when I told I make a disaster wherever I go,why? Because I want lies end in this world, or lies that have gone very deep, and they are there, waiting to be revealed by me, the murder lover of glitter.

Now that you know already the definition of me…

Welcome to the life of a me, the murderer sparkly

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