Hello, I`m back again with another article for you! Valentine`s Day is coming and I`m sure you want to look fabulous in your outfit! Maybe for your boyfriend, your best friends or for yourself? Even if you`re single, it`s important to feel good and confident in your own skin... especially on Valentine`s Day. I know what I`m talking about, girl! If you feel great, you look great. So get inspired by my outfit ideas...

1. Outfit in red

fashion image Image by L'Oréal Paris girl, fashion, and tumblr image fashion and jeans image

2. Outfit in black

aesthetic, outfit, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and black image makeup, girl, and beauty image fashion, style, and black image

3. Outfit in white

Image removed fashion, aesthetic, and chic image nails, marble, and white image YSL, coffee, and chanel image

4. Outfit in nude

fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, Nude, and photography image lips, makeup, and beauty image nails, Nude, and beauty image

Hope you like my outfit ideas! Have a lovely Valentine`s day and don`t forget to treat yourself.
Xo, Sophie