Hello there!

So I don't know if you know that about me or no, but I'm in love with polaroids. In general I like to take pictures instead of modeling for a photo. But I think the most unique and cutest pictures are made by a polaroid camera. I've my own baby-blue Instax Mini 8 like two or three years now, and I'm still in love with it. If you. don't own a polaroid you definitely should buy one soon! I'm sure you won't regret it:)

Today, I wanna give you some advices, or some examples for cute pics you can easily re-create!


That's a pretty simple one, I guess. The sky is always extremely gorgeous and always available for a pic. My favourites are probably sunset or sunrise pictures but any can be great!

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With your friends

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Of yourself

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Hope u guys liked this article, I enjoyed doing it:) Let me know what article I should do next, if you have any ideas, and don't forget to check out my Instagram, if you're curious who I am:)


See you next time!