If your life is full of stress, like mine once was, there are some simple things you can do to get your life to a more manageable leveI, It seems impossible to have a stress-free life but you can learn how to deal with it so it dont bother you anymore & consider stress as something that challenges you and helps you grow, which it is.

Here's a little list:

●First things first, stop worrying about the future & live the moment, no you do never ever know what's waiting for you, just pray for the best

●Stop worrying & caring about what people are saying or thinking about you, haters gonna hate & its ok we all have ennemis & some talking shits about us, they might don't even know you, they're just angry toward you cause you don't f*ck with them! i mean probably someone you've just had a first convo with told you "you seem egoiste & hard to reach but you're actually nice "..

●You've got nothing to prove to others especially strangers, take care of yourself for you, doll up for you, post them pics for you!! & if girls be bitching behind your back, let it go!! be unbothered, & stop trying to prove you can kick their asses you are worth more than that.

●Write down everything's going on in your mind, you dont have to be writer or avoid mistakes, just express yourself & let them thoughts get outta your head to the paper.

●Stop comparing yourself to other girls, we are all beautiful in our own way, we all have our own print, avoid following body, beauty & life goals, they makes us all feel like shit & most of em are fake, seriously we see only the bright side,how about behind the screens?

& finally, always surround yourself with positive people that you feel like they're not judging you and pushing you to be someone else, always be grateful about your blessings AVOID !! the acc we talked about, models, actors, signers all those who seem to have a perfect life & look at people with worse problems, Pray for the best, don't complicate things, love your family & keep you circle small, May god guide & bless us all, love y'all 💕