I'm going throught a strange phase on life. I kind of lost my way. I don't know where I'm going in life. I feel like I'm stucked. I finished high school, and I'm not going to study this year. I need to find a job; and nothing I get is good for me; make a coursework; and the conditions to it is hard to get; study for get in university; and I can't find the energy to this; do the things I wanna do; but I don't have what I need to this. And I only can feel like, even knowing what I have to do; I don't know what to do. Or everything I have to do, I don´t wanna do. It's like I don't know nothing anymore.
And only thinking about all that stuff sucks my energy and is painful, cause I'm already too tired.
My love and my friends are too far away from me. My family is the worst and the less worse of all.
Maybe crying help me.
I just want a moment I don't need to worry with nothing of this.

That thing on universe that pulls us to the next thing got out of me.
And time is eating me alive. I feel his bites taking pieces of my flesh.
And everything I think that I can or I need to do isn't the right thing for me.
What I REALLY wanna do depends on what I don't want.
I want movement, and to do the things, I want to find answers, I want to go somewhere.
And with this feeling of emptyness I start forgetting all the other things, and questionating everything that is fine. Like an poisoned apple poisoning the others.
Maybe the solution is just the passing of time to feel recharged again.

*Hoping for the time I'll write about how it all changed.*