Hello world!
I decided to share some of the things that make me happy, so here we go..

#1 Long walks -

classic, comic, and retro image quote and alternative image autumn, bridge, and fall image netherlands, photography, and the hague image

#2 Books -

book, harry potter, and sweater image book and coffee image coffee, photography, and vintage image books and read image

#3 Coffee -

Image by tashi. quotes, coffee, and inspiration image book, coffee, and autumn image coffee, cozy, and autumn image

#4 Music -

music, quotes, and life image pink and music image girl, vintage, and room image music, grunge, and indie image

#5 Theatre -

red and velvet image artsy, opera, and theater image act, red, and aesthetic image mask, teatro, and theater image

#6 The Moon -

Image by Mai Yusuf moon, night, and clouds image Image by Bella moon, quotes, and sun image

#7 Plants -

aesthetic, green, and plants image aesthetic, mirror, and plants image aesthetic and picture image Image by kiki 🖤

#8 Cats and dogs -

Image removed Image by georgi cat, autumn, and flowers image Image by springkg
dog, cat, and animal image dogs image dog, cat, and animal image adorable, cuteness, and dogs image

#9 Rain -

parapluie, water, and pluie image Image removed rain and umbrella image Image by Alex

#10 Sunsets and sunrises -

sky, sunset, and clouds image sky, sunset, and travel image aesthetic, cloud, and pink image sky, beautiful, and paris image
fake, fake ass, and mean image

That's it, I hope you like it, if you do leave a heart and a follow if you want. Bye. xx