Here are some of my writing's from Tumblr that I wanted to share.
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whenever you texted me a paragraph about how much you love me, and what you love about me i broke down into tears.
i knew that you deserved so much better than me
and i hated that you fell in love with me.
there’s so many people you could’ve fell in love with and i wish you had.
trust me i am flattered you fell in love with me but what i want for you is to find someone who isn’t me and someone you can love you properly.
that’s what you deserve, you deserve the fucking world.
it just sucks that i can’t give you what you deserve.

how can someone i’ve done everything for
sit back and tear me to shreds?
sometimes i believe he puts me in more distress than my own darkening thoughts.
he’s slowly dragging me down, with an anchor attached to my ankles helping me sink
further into the depths of nothingness.

My bed is a dream place
and I never want to stop dreaming
so I never leave.

You make me nervous everytime
you step into the room.
It’s a good nervous.

I feel lost, and misplaced.
I have always felt those things, but it some how seems worse than before.
I'm struggling to make friends.
I'm having trouble opening my mouth to speak.
I want help, but I just can't seem to ever ask.
I used to sit in my bathroom almost every night breaking down into tears holding the weapon wanting nothing more than to take the pain away.
What pain was I trying to take away? the loneliness I felt, and the thoughts that had consumed my mind.
There's a monster living in my head there's no doubt about that.
I don't know what I did to trigger it, and make it angry with me, but for some reason it is.
It tells me things that make me ache.
I want nothing more than to defeat it, but it's slowly winning.
I may not be holding the weapon as often as I used to, but the monster is stronger, and incapable of defeat.
It feeds of sadness, and fear making it grow every second of each day that passes by.
It's always hungry, and I can't help, but feed it.

You are never truly gone, because you are living in my heart.

Love fades.

This is my first article so I hope you liked it :)
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