Hello everyone,
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What’s your gender?

I’m a girl.

How long have you been a Blink?

Since Januari 15 2018.

What is your favorite picture of Blackpink?

blackpink image
This one.

What is your favorite song of Blackpink?


Describe each member in one word

Jisoo: Impressions
Rosé: Food
Lisa: Meme
Jennie: Cute

Who’s your bias?

Image by Beka

What is one thing you love most about your bias?

Her personality, she’s so cute.

Who’s your bias wrecker?

Image removed Image removed

What is your ultimate Blackpink ship?

kpop, Liza, and black pink image
I think Linnie, but I don’t really have one

Who do you ship Blackpink with?

Nobody really, but I love looking at people shipping them with BTS. (I don’t know BTS so I don’t want to judge myself)

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