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Hey loves! This is day sixteen of the “30 Day Get to Know Me Challenge”!

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What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

1. Early Bird
This may sound funny but waking up early. I’m not really a morning person unless I’m excited about something. I love sleeping in but lately I have been able to wake up early! I’m very proud of myself! I recently saw a TED Talk about waking up early and I looked up some hacks and they have inspired me to wake up earlier!

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If you go to YouTube & look up “TED Talk waking up early” the video I watched should come up. It’s about 12 mins long.

2. 2nd Row
This is an orchestra accomplishment. We had chair auditions at the beginning of the school year and we had to play a section from one of our pieces of music. I did not feel confident at all with the music we were given. But I did try my best and it paid off! I was put in the 2nd row, in the 2nd violin section! I was (and still am) so proud of myself because I am a freshman in high school and most of the freshman are in the 4th row. I was stand partners with two seniors!

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3. Student Council
I was elected by my peers to be on Student Council! I’ve been in StuCo since 6th grade and I’m so glad that I decided to run for it! It has definitely changed my life. All the other members inspire me to be myself and to always be kind to others. We have all bonded and I have made tons of new friends because of it! We all went to a pumpkin patch and had a sleepover! I’m a shy person and StuCo has brought me out of my shell a little bit! It’s fun to plan dances and school activities and I like to have a voice in my school!

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4. The Mile
This one isn’t huge but it is something I’m proud of that happened recently. At my school in PE (Physical Education), we are required to run a timed mile. We had to do 16 laps around the gym and because it is winter time, I haven’t been running. I’m not much of a runner anyways. Basically, I wasn’t really prepared. I was ready to have a terrible time. Even though running it was super hard and I was sweaty and hot and tired, I still got through it. I was the last person done, but I finished in 13 minutes and 18 seconds. So I am proud because a lot of people cannot run a mile in that time.

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5. Honor Roll
I’ve always had good grades and I have always made the A or B honor roll. Education and learning is really important to me and I’m proud of myself that I study and work hard. It really pays off.

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Thank you for reading :) Don't forget to smile and keep your head held high! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!
Xoxo, Jess

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