This is just a random list of things that amaze me.

Glossier lip gloss

glossy, aesthetic, and sky image glossier, beauty, and makeup image aesthetic, cosmetics, and lip balm image pink, glossier, and beauty image

Apparently it's amazing and it's so shiny???

Chanel bag

Image by 𝓐𝔂𝓪 chanel, bag, and fashion image chanel, fashion, and shoes image Image by Aria

These bags are the most gorgeous things I've ever seen in my life. They're crazy expensive but I weirdly don't mind like I would gladly spend that money for one.

Eternity Roses

girl, flowers, and hair image eternity, flowers, and pink image

These things last for a whole fucking year. Without any maintenance or water. Wth this shit is amazing. They're real too


pink, lingerie, and bra image Image by crystalrainbow Image by tracysbb fashion, lingerie, and red image

These things can support you and are gorgeous. I want like 30 more

Luxury Perfume

chanel, pink, and perfume image perfume, dior, and rose gold image aesthetic, marc jacobs, and daisy image gucci, perfume, and beauty image

I find the bottles so gorgeous.

A fashion sense

fashion, outfit, and style image yellow, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

How do people have these? People know what they like?? How??? Amazing.


vans, shoes, and black image yellow, vans, and fashion image shoes, gucci, and fashion image Image removed

If you have bad shoes your outfit will immediately go down the drain like these things that go on your feet can literally make such a difference.


gold chains, silver hoops, and blue high waisted jeans image champion, fashion, and style image

Hoodies are so cute and they're basically an outfit. Like it's a four in one.


Thanks for reading babes!