Helou people! I hope you all are calm and peaceful :)

Today I wanted to share 10 ways to mental health, I, myself want to work on my mental health and become stronger, because as we grow, life dislikes us more and more..so..we have got to do something about this haha

I hope you'll challenge yourself from now on, it does not have to be Monday or a new morning or a certain month to start developing better skills and trying to change your life to better. So, let's start!

1) Spend at least 15minutes a day in a quiet reflection

It is so easy to get anxious about things and by the end of the day when you finally sit down, you feel like a dead fish. (idk fish sounded right...) My suggestion would be to take few minutes to pray, meditate or do whatever calms you down. In stressful situations, just go to a quiet room, outside, in the bathroom, and just breathe.

2) Take care of your physical health

As someone, who has faced some kind of physical illness, I just hate when people do not take care of themselves, that they think nothing will harm them and they will forever stay healthy and well. Like, NO, please, drink a glass of water in the morning, do stretches, when anxious try to maintain breathing, breath in for 3seconds, hold your breathe for two and then breathe out. Eat your veggies, make fruit bowls, drink milk with honey in it and cuddle your favorite things/people. Draw. Paint. Play instruments. No one cares if you're not good at it. Go to check ups few times a year. Do blood tests. Donate blood if you're healthy. Take care of yourself.

3) Become aware of your feelings

People tend to ignore that horrible, bad feelings they have inside them, thinking that they will go away. I know how it feels, so I suggest, no matter how much hate or sadness you feel, talk to a trusted person or even write it down, and once you do it, let it go and never let it bother you again.

4) Spend more time with friends and family

Sometimes friends suck. And family, too. But there is always a time when you have a good relationship with them, so take that time to get to know them better, share your interests, give them a second chance. Give yourself a second chance to recover.

5) Give up a bad habit

It is one of the hardest, I think. But choose one bad habit that you have and try to work on it for a month.

I wish you all good luck, I hope it helped you a bit!