Hi everybody, :)
This is my first article, so I'd like to introduce myself and explain a bit why I'm doing this.
First of all, I'm Penny, a 17-year-old girl, who is a non-native English speaker, but desires to speak it well. I'm going to take an advanced language exam in a few months and I would like to practice a bit more. That's why I'll be writing (hopefully) lots of articles soon.

girl, train, and travel image

I'm intorverted, kind to everyone and open-minded at the same time. My hobbies are reading, drawing, writing and doing yoga.
I'd consider myself a postive person, who perhaps likes her friends, animals, sunsets, indie songs, series and books too much.

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In the future, I'll do a writing challenge, to get myself writing and posting articles.
Your feedback would mean the world to me, please, if you have the time for it, do so. :)

lots of love,