As a society we have a negativity biased; a need to dwell in negative feedback, negative thoughts (that we ourselves create), and news channels. Some of us who have a strong regard of sympathy or emotion proceed to physically convert our vitality into the act of worrying. Which, scientifically can be proven that disheartening news or opinions do affect our own stress levels, which can proceed to give us negative conversations with our peers if not,negative thoughts to ourselves throughout the day. Where is the problem with this? The problem is that one thought leads to another, which can lead to action or must I say lack of action, embodying lack of motivation. If you are dwelling in sad stories or feedback, this can become an endless downward spiral unless you are conscious of it and take it into your own hands.

How do we do this? Simple, rewire the muscle in your brain.

Neuroscientist Eleanor Maguire had found that London taxi drivers have a lump in their hippocampus, part of the brain for memory, spatial, and visual orientation. As their job, its to memorize the streets, names, & maps; they are constantly exercising specific neurons and like muscle, proceeds to get bigger.

You are capable of doing exercise with the nucleus accumbens, the part of our brain that drives us to fulfill our goals. With every action and thought you take, you are creating or enforcing a pathway which can extend to daily habits, good or bad, and are very hard to break. habits are always hard to form and hard to break, which someone who is struggling with weight loss understands or if someone who is attempting to be more disciplined also understands. But instead of going cold turkey into improving your physical self, I want you to work on your mindset before trying to improve anything in your life. I don't want you to experience failure as a bad thing. You have to become the fool before you become the master.

Some very basic, redundant, and simple things to start with into a better & positive mindset -

*giving thanks to yourself, the universe, & everything it offers. A simple thank you is all it takes, and you may not feel it in the first few days, but you will soon proceed to feel thankful with happiness, even if things are not going your way.

*Understand that the past DOESNOT dictate the future.

*Your fears exist in your head, they are not reality.

*Your emotions can affect the next human you come in contact with, like I said before, people love pointing out the negative, ever want to get the attention of your favorite youtuber? Leave a hate comment, the chances of them responding is more than of leaving a positive comment.

*Create a playlist of songs you correspond with positive vibes. Give your music meaning & magic. The music itself doesn't have to convey a positive message- as long as it makes you feel good.

*Create a positive mood board. Stuff you would like to aspire to or things that already make you happy. I like sunflowers. 🌻

*Breath, Meditate, & stay in the present.

*Enjoy your mornings, brew some tea & wash your face. Take your time.

*Positive affirmations help.

*Observe yourself and emotions. And Do not take other's observations, because they are not in your head. Just because you have resting bitch face does not you are a bitch inside.

*Your thoughts have an impact on how you feel, it does not matter if your thoughts are factual or not. The question is if you aren't stubborn enough to change them and look at actual evidence. Just because some stupid boy, you subconsciously put on a pedestal, gave you a weird look, you are gonna stress on that? I hope like hell no you are not.

*Write down the positive. Easy.

  • Replay positive events in your head when you are feeling down.

*Help another smile even if it is holding the door for them.

*share happiness- Do not feel jealousy or threatened if your bestfriend received something you didn't. Share that joy don't be petty.

*Finally, understand that life is a roller-coaster. Not everything is going to go your way, have peace when you are confronted with fight or flight instincts. This is how the world expands, through going through hardships we have no control over, it is how you grow. Be thankfull for those moments, no matter how mediocre they seem, because in the end it makes you able to go through it again but with less resistance.