People see me as a hyper, bubbly, enthusiastic, happy, always making others laugh and just being a really positive kind of person.

Honestly, that's not how I really am. Once I'm to myself or at home without anyone, I end up feeling really lonely & sad. But people don't see that side of me at all. They don't know what really goes on in my head. Not even my closest friend knows.

Sometimes I enjoy just sitting and listening to music and just not talking to anyone, but my friends think I'm ''depressed'' or something is bothering me. Well, there are many things that bother me on a daily basis but I cant keep bragging about it, can I?

I cant be the same always, I have bad days too. I can't always crack jokes and make people laugh. I feel sad too, I have stuff going on in my head too.
Why don't they understand that?

Instead of asking me why I'm sad and why am I just sitting in one place, try figuring out the answer to your question by yourself instead of bugging me and jumping to conclusions like '' I've gone into depression''.

Spare me and give me the space I need.
Haven't you heard? Looks can be deceiving.