Hi everyone!
Todays challenge is to write about some words of wisdom that speaks to me.
Read and enjoy;)

Since I´m swedish this saying will also be in swedish and it goes like this, "det är som det är, och det blir som det blir". This comes from a movie that´s about an old man who likes to blow things up (sounds really weird but it´s really good and it means "it is what it is and it will be as it becomes" well it is a bit difficult to translate it just like that but that is basically what it means.

soundtrack, jonas jonasson, and the 100-year-old man image

It speaks to me because i am quite bad at being in the moment and take things as they come, well I am working on it and I have become better. Anyway, I always have to be in control of what is yet to come. For example, if I am going somewhere I have to know the exact time I have to leave, how long I have to get ready, I have to know exactly what will happen during the day and i have to have everything planned.

So instead of having this need of controlling everything, I just want to take things as they come and just let things happen because I believe that everything happens for a reason.
And I just love this saying because it is so true and we should really start living by it because it is what it is and it will be as it becomes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this because I enjoyed writing it.
See you tomorrow.