i am Thinking i lost all my chances to make you mine. i wished that i did those things when i had the chance. i lost my chances, bUt i hope you reader doesnt lose your chance. chance is something that the world gives you to not make the same mistakes again but i lost it...
but why do i keep searching happiness where i lost it? maybe because i cant figure out a way to forget you. you have a special place in my broken heart.
it is sometimes very hard to move on because you already moved on. i hope i can do that one day. to forget my past love i need another love but where is it? cant figure out if the world is punishing me or just it is not the time?
so much questions. still remember we talked until 5am but i was stupid then. i should have made you mine. but damn those pride. pride ego self esteem fuck all of you. because of you i lost my chance to be whit him. but isnt that my fault? soo much questions.