when people said something bad about you but actually they don't even know you at all. they just say what they want to say and never think that will hurt you.

It's suck. very uncomfortable. i didn't know why did they do that? was that fun for them? and then i watched them laughed so loud because they thought it was fun for them.

But for me, it wasn't.

Can you imagine that? I was angry about that but the sad things, you know what? I couldn't do anything for defend myself. My mouth didn't say anything or said that they wrong. I just saw them with a smilling on my face.

I know i'm crazy but i always promised myself to don't hurt anyone else with my mouth or my words. because i know, it's very hurt and i felt like that. i knew that I suffered so much but it made me know about life more and more and then i realize about something i called be patient.

Believe me, If you had a problem. You just need be patient and believe that the future will bright and shining for you. you just need being a grateful and spread kindness with people around you. because i know people who suffered so much will have a bright and shining future and you just need to survive a lot for that.

Because suffered will bring you to key of your real happiness in your life.

God Bless you.