Hey!! So this is just gonna be a list of people who inspire me in what I wear. Also you may think differently of these people and their fashion, this is just my opinion.


model, fashion, and Jourdan Dunn image fashion, Karlie Kloss, and model image fashion and Karlie Kloss image fashion, girl, and dress image
Karlie is my favorite model ever, Her fashion is always comfortable and it's true to herself. Always professional when needed. Also her red carpet looks are always good.


lorde, grunge, and indie image ️lorde image ️lorde image ️lorde, girl, and pretty image
Ella has amazing style and she doesn't stick to just certain colors or styles. She has an amazing street style.


zendaya, fashion, and pink image zendaya, dress, and luxury image beautiful girl, celebs, and dress image zendaya, outfit, and beauty image
Zendaya could literally wear anything and pull it off. We all know she has amazing red carpet looks and street style.


alex, pretty, and little mix image perrie edwards, little mix, and choker image Image by Skiie perrie edwards and little mix image
All of the ladies of Little Mix have an amazing fashion. I love Perrie's street style so much. I just don't agree with CA in some of her outfits.


style, throwback, and vs angel image sara sampaio image sara sampaio image Image by Sónia
Sara is absolutely stunning. One of my favorite models also. She has such good looks for carpets and street style. She looks so good in any color ever.

I'm probably gonna make a part two because I have so many more people, this just five out of many. If you wanna read any of my other articles, my collection is below and my account.