ever since i was a child i have loved animals so that is when i decided to make a difference the first step was that i had to come of all meat products and it was so simple.

I can't believe a girl who was obsessed with sausages is now a vegetarian.
Maybe your thinking but what if i want to be a body builder when i'm older isn't that a problem? No not at all all the strongest people in the world are vegetarians don't ask me why i'm a vegetarian ask yourself think of the difference you could make. 12 people get killed every year by sharks and millions get killed every year by many cruel people see the difference. And when you are a vegetarian or even a vegan you can eat a huge amount of more foods.

a true story
once when i was in year 3 i was just starting to become a vegetarian people from the grand hotel were coming to my school to do cooking with us and the pasta had tuna in it luckily they asked is anyone a vegetarian. but when it came to it i didn't put my hand up because no one else did but luckily i said to my helper i'm a vegetarian this is a lesson to learn never worry about what anyone else thinks no one will judge you.

thank you all so much for listening and i hope you were inspired please consider being a vegetarian and please feel free to send me a postcard xxx