It would be cool and nice for just a moment to go back to the past and tell or warn ourselves of some things that will happen to us in the future. Although I also think that it is better this way, without knowing what awaits us in the future, to experience the good and the bad things in life. Because that is what life is about, to face things and see what the results are in the future depending on the decisions we make, or not? What do you think about it? Send me a postcard telling me or if you are also doing some article tell me and I will gladly read it...

Here we go with day four.

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List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could

1. You're fucking beautiful
you should know that you are beautiful, inside and outside. You should know that those little brown and ordinary eyes, as you say, are captivating and beautiful. You should know that when you laugh you look beautiful. Smile more, those dimples looks fucking irresistible and looks very cute. You should know that even with your imperfections that you hate so much you look fucking beautiful, you look real and unique.

2. Don't care much how your body looks
The social media, the magazines and those fashion shows are going to show you perfect girls from head to toe. Don't let them make you feel that you are less than that, believe me, you are not. Exercise, eat healthy, but don't strain too much, you are perfect just the way you are.

3. Go out with your friends
Accept the invitations of your friends to go out, school and your other responsibilities are important, but take some time and enjoy your teenage days.

4. Be positive
Stop being so pessimistic, for God's sake! Not everything is black in life. Look for the positive side of what happens to you, there are other colours besides black, you know?

5. Don't listen to what people say about you
You know that people are cruel and they want to see you on the ground. The people who love you know how you really are.

6. Don't hurt yourself when you feel you are not good enough
There are going to be marks on your skin that will hopefully go away with time. But don't do it, there are other ways to let the pain out.

7. Be careful who you choose as friends
Not all of them are good people, but, relax girl, you have a group of friends who are the best.

8. Tell the people that you love them
Start showing affection; don't take people for granted because you may be late when you want to say those words.

9. The boy you like at 16 still likes you
Sorry but you keep doing it and every time you see it your heart beats a thousand times per hour. You're supposed to have forgotten it, but it's not like that, I think it's going to continue being the "love of your life" for a long time, girl.

10. Do not change your way of being
There will be people who will want to change the way you look, the way you think, the way you say things, your political, philosophical, religious points of view or whatever. Do not do it, unless you really want it and feel it.

see you tomorrow?



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