Hey guys!

Today´s article is about different ways to improve your health. You pretty sure know them all, but maybe I can motivate you. I wouldn´t start with all at once, but doing two or three of them will already make your body thank you. So let´s start!


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I´m drinking at least two liters every day and I feel a lot fresher. But I know that water isn´t really the tastiest thing, so I recommend you to put fruits or lemon juice in it. I personally use homemade elderflower cordial and I swear it´s so good!


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This is probably the thing you might hate the most and yes, it´s hard at the beginning, but I promise you´ll get used to it so quicky. The improvments are so motivating, and there´s honestly never a bad timing to start. After a short time you will already feel a lot fitter. But don´t forget to start slowly.

Good posture

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This is actually the hardest for me, because I always bend my back. But you will feel a lot more confident, awake und better sitting and standing straigt. Your body will thank you now and especially later.


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Drinking tea is just so healthy and I´ve startet drinking half a liter of green tea with lemon every day last year. Green tea for example can improve your health in so many different ways. Furthermore it´s really relaxing to take a little break during a stressful day and drink a nice cup of tea.

Reduce unhealthy food

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I´m not telling you to never eat junk food and candy anymore, of course not. Treat yourself, but not every day. Start exploring the universe of healthy food - it´s actually amazing and after giving it a chance you will be overwhelmed of how many healthy and tasty meals there are!


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I do skincare everyday twice because I have been struggeling with acne for over five years now, and it has improved a lot. To everyone who has acne I recommend you to see a dermatologist because products from the drugstore may probably not help. But to everyone else doing a skincare routine every other day will make your skin clearer and you´ll feel a lot better.

I hope I could motivate you. Starting living healthy may look not easy but I promise after doing it for some time it will be the easiest thing.
But don´t forget to treat yourself and not focus too much on society´s view of a healthy person. Your mental illness is just as important as your physical one. Don´t put pressure on you and enjoy life and all the little great things in it. It´s you who should be happy with yourself!

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So that was it form me. Stay safe and have a nice day!
Yours Sylvia