3rd June 2017,
I will never forget this date. In five months it will be one year ago.

It all started at the festival "BigCityBeats - World Clube Dome". I never expected, that this festival would be the festival of my life. I never believed in fairytales or magic, but this story was one.

But how does everything start? My friends and I drove to Frankfurt. In a big football-stadium should the festival start. We were three boys and two girls. It was a rainy day and until we were in the stadium, we were completely drenched. You were always near me and you have always taken care that nothing happens to me. You were a friend of my best friend and I liked you from the beginning. You can't believe the feeling when you stay in a full stadium, seeing all the lights, hearing the music you love and dancing all the night.

One the next day we lost our friends in the masses. It was the first day I was completely alone with you. You took the chance and led me to the tribune. From this point I could see everything. We could see the whole festival. All people celebrated and danced and that was the moment you kissed me for the first time.

In the evening when everything was dark and all the lasers were shining through the crowd you took me on your shoulders. This moment when you see all people from above. This moment when a world dj hangs up this is a feeling you can't describe. It feels like a dream.

I had the summer of my life with you. We have experienced so much. You are a big chapter of my life but you where never mine. We were never a couple, we were nothing and today you are away. I could not do it anymore. Love someone who doesn't love you is hard and it breaks you. I had to lose you to protect myself.

I will never forget you and I will never forget the story we have. Nobody can ever give me that feeling and I don't want it. I don't want anyone else. The idea of ​​having someone else is terrible because the reason is: Nobody is like you.