Purgatory is what I've been through
and all the way down to hell too
while you where mesmerizing in paradise
laughing at my mindless sacrifice
You said that for you, it was better that way
I guess I didn't count in the equation anyway
standing here in the sound
of shattering heart pieces to the ground
like crystal glasses falling down
No way up you greedy
Wondering what if this beating stuff
won't find a way to heal itself up
this time
No matter how hard I try
I'm never going to be enough
I can't hear over the screaming in my head
the thunder in my chest
meet me, hidden in the bathroom
pretending to be washing teeth
wasting pure water and tears
down the drain
red watery eyes
black holes in my sight
expectations so high
but the higher
the harder
the fall
I should have known better
Greedy and selfish you eat up
everything you can grab
Including me
I knew I would have regretted
at the game you got me played
but talking this is not making me feel any better
I'll just cut paper once again
and if everything needs to be even
down as deep as sky high
Equilibrium is promising me
such sunny days ahead
I just wish I'm not paying
For those I've lived yet