"We weren't compatible at the time" he said when I asked him about his first love. "What do you mean?" I asked. He smiled.

"She was perfect, she gave up her own dreams, to let me follow mine. I called her a fool for that and didn't understand her, because I had a lot of the world to see before committing. Although I loved her, I wasn't ready for her, that's the saddest part of it all" he chuckled and looked away. 
Whenever he spoke about her, he didn't make eye contact with anyone. I think he feared that his eyes would tell us more than he wanted. What secrets did he hide, my grandpa? 

He continued, "If I would've been more mature I'd been able to spot her efforts right away, a man would see that. I think I believed that praising her would make me inferior, maybe she would've stayed if I had shown her that I wanted her in my future. I was still growing into a man, and she was a lovely woman" 

I looked at him and asked "do you think she remembers you? Like you do her?" His smile quickly vanished, but he tried to shake it away to not let me see that he was breaking.

"I'd hope so, I wouldn't be surprised if she still dreams about us. She loved me a lot, and compomisied so much for me. I could've made her the happiest girl in the world. But sometimes it's not that simple. Sometimes, we let great things go, but I hope she found someone who was able to see, what I couldn't. So you see kid, I was the real fool."