Hi, Didi Cond here!

I won't be giving any tips or anything at all in this article. I'll be talking about me, my experience, etc.

You see, I'm a first year law student. I just got my grades for my first term. And, guess what? I failed all 5 subjects of my 1st term. Yep, all of it. Goodness. It was a low blow to me.

I did not fail because I was stupid, it was because I was lazy and did not study for my exams at all. So, it was entirely my fault. What I've learnt from this, is that no one is stupid. Everyone is intelligent and everything depends on your will.

I've learned my lesson now, so I'm fixing all the mistakes I've made last term. This second term is my second chance and I will not waste it.

So everyone out there, don't feel stupid just because you failed your subjects. Be brave to accept your mistakes and fix it. There is always a second chance for any of us. If the second chance did not work, try again and again and again, until you get there.

So please, never give up. Be strong, be confident and believe in yourself. That is all. Thank you for reading my article.

P.S. I'll be writing my progress here so wish me luck!