Hello! I am Seyamaila and I love to travel. I live in The Netherlands. These are the top 10 places I want to visit.

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1. Sri Lanka Because my dad was born here and I would love to visit my fatherland
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2. Peru Because of the Machu Picchu of course! And the nice people :)
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3. Cambodja I would love to see the Angkor Wat with my own eyes. And nature is stunning here.
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4. Iran Because it´s not crowded with tourists yet and I have heard many great things about it.
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5. Jamaica Because of the nature! The beaches, the chill vibe and I would love to dive here.
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6. Morocco Have you seen photos of Morocco? No? You should! I also would love to go to the desert
Image by Marina Rodriguez city, taipei, and taiwan image
7. Taiwan Busy cities and stunning nature... says enough right?
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8. Suriname Because of the friendly people and the nature!
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9. United Arabic Emirates Because Dubai is over the top but at the same time you can also visit the old town which interests me much. I loved loved loved Singapore and I think here is the same vibe.
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10. India A country with many mysteries. The Taj Mahal, the people and the culture, the nature... I am very interested!

My list is waaaayy longer than this. I have almost every country on this planet ordered on my list and there´s something about every country that attracts me.

Thank you for reading and I wish you happy travels!
-X- Seyamaila