heyy friends!! sooo a lot of people are trying to get that clear skin and everybody says different typs and tricks and personally i dont agree with most of them, so i am going to show you my typs and tricks on how I get clear skin (it may not work for everyone, bc every skin is different)

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i know that a lot of dermatologists and "professionals" say that you shouldn't pop your pimples because you are spreading bacteria or something but from my personal experience, you need to pop every single pimple on your face, because if you dont it simply just wont dissapear.


so after you popped those pimples, you need to make sure your skin is clear. you can take whatever cleanser you have, but in my personal experience the Amica cleanser works the best (i dont know in which countries you can get it lol). if you cant get your hands on amica you for sure can use whatever cleanser you can find in drugstore, it doesnt even have to be expensive, all it has to do is to take the oil off of your skin bc when your skin is too oily, acne is more likely to appear.

make sure to wash your face every morning with some soap, i know that beauty gurus dont recommend using soap bc it makes your skin dry but lemme tell ya the antibacterial soap will make miracles on your skin.

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DONT EAT SOAP (not a crankthatfrank refference cough)


so when you got up, washed that skin with soap, popped the pimples and cleaned your skin, it's time for hydration so we can make sure that our skin is not dry as our favourite beauty gurus say. you can use any skin cream, but i won't recommend using oils even if its popular now, because than your skin will be so f-ing oily that you can make fries on it and we dont want that do we. so use some cream or lotion, i like to use the Oriflame Pure Skin mattifying face lotion because it leaves my skin really smooth and it "sinks" into your skin really quickly. another great and affordable alternative is the Nivea cream, it also smells sooooo good. and another typ, try to use products with aloe vera or tea tree oil in them, because it is really good for your skin.

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so after we've done these steps, you can do your makeup if you like to. if you do makeup make sure you wash your brushes regularly so the bacteria doesn't stick in them and i recommend to not use your fingers when applying your makeup because it leaves bacteria on your face too. but if you like to use your fingers, make sure to wash them first. and make sure the products you use arent expired :) and yeah, the less makeup the better for your skin but you do you

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aaand another quick note, try using acnecolor instead or concealer or makeup. i dont really know where you can get it but where i come from you can get it in pharmacy.


when you come home after a long day, make sure you remove your makeup before you go to bed. theres nothing worse for your skin than going to sleep with your makeup on. you can use whatever remover you like, i just use baby wipes bc they are really gentle on your skin, they dont burn in your eyes and they work the best for me.

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i really like using face scrubs. you dont want to use them every day because its not good for your skin, but every 2-3 days is good. they take dead skin off of your face and they make it really smooth to touch. my favourite face scrub is Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purrifiyng Face Scrub with dead minerals because it's not too gentle and not too hard on your skins, its that perfect in-the-middle. but you can use other alternatives or can make your diy face scrub too.

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personally, i've never used one that would do anything to my skin, but if you like to use any face mask, do it. i sometimes do face mask just because of that feeling that i did it, but dont be afraid to try some face mask. use it once a week, you dont want to overdo your face haha

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the best thing you can do to your body is to DRINK WATER!! it helps with clearing your skin, clearing your body and its much healthier to you than coca cola or this shit. you can dring mineral water or just normal water, that's up to you. you can even make those tumblr pretty bottles to make the water taste better. just do it.

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if it's not nessesary, dont really touch your face. especially when you didnt wash your hands first, because your hands have a lot of bacterias on them and you dont want them to go on your face and cause acne :)


if your skin is breaking out and you really want the pimple to dissapear, use this miracle. just pop a little bit of it on your hand, leave it on the spot overnight and watch it dissapear :)

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i use the first one its really good haha

so i think thats about it guys. i hope i've helped with something, this is just what works for me and it doesnt have to work for you. soo yeah byeee