What to wear for university? To dress cute or reckless? Sexy or warm?

We're very lucky to have this advantage of living in a world rich with fashion, styles and trends. But sometimes it's hard to choose, am I rght?
In my second article (this), I'm going to highlight some worthy styles, providing them with notes on how to stand out of the crowd.
If you haven't found your style yet, or want to try as many as possible of them, like me, then keep reading!

So the first style that I so wish to highlight is PREPPY.
1) Name: preppy
Style icon: Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl)
Inspiraton: Gossip Girl series, american school-themed movies/series
Main features: School uniform-like clothes
The thing: A-students, the Ivy League, and oh, the daydream school boys


I know, many of you might think "why preppy, I just didn't have enough time to celebrate the end of this hell(aka school)", but no!
As for me, I loved my school, and my school uniform, however, due to the last feauture, we weren't allowed to wear anything other than uniform.
Plus, although you won't come across preppy style that much in uni, that doesn't mean it's losing its value. In fact, preppy is still popular, as it gives off this daydream, tantalizing, promising vibes. Especially asian school style, japaneese in particular, but I'm not into it.

To try out this style you won't need to buy any unusual clothes, I think these pieces still lie somewhere in the back of your wardrobe :)

The must-haves are: a bomber with university's name on it, a blazer, a skirt, a blouse or a sweater, a good pair of boots, a draped coat (or of whatever material, but never a baloon jacket), a scarf, and a cap or any other head-wear.

KEY: to stand out of the crowd opt for:
* bold colours, such as red, yellow, any colour, don't limit yourself with black and white;
* prints! plaided (esp/ gray skirt), striped, geometrical patterns:
* interesting designs, for instance asymmetrical skirt or a blouse with unusual sleeves;
* details are always important, you can diy your bomber;
* accessories will draw attention to you:
* footwear, it doesn't have to be boots, can be classic Vans or heels as well


Remeber to always accentuate your feminity, ladies:)

Meet you at next articles on other styles! Or at the school stairs, where the legendary queen B in her stokings used to sit with her clique ;)

P.S: I know I said my next article would be about roaring 20s fashion applications in our lives, but I thought they won't fit much for this season.

Here's my second part, hope you enjoy!