Summer is just around the corner!!! YAYAYAYAY

Vacations are gonna start in a few months and all of us will be going out with our friends and beaches and swimming and what not. So here are some of my basic outfits I would wear during summers.

1) Off Shoulders

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Now these are some of the outfits I wear when i want to hangout with friends. Off shoulders are always so prettyyy

2) A Lil Fancy

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These are a few flowy dresses

3) Shorts

fashion, summer, and style image Image by Lully Giovanna Image by Lully Giovanna
Shorts are a MUST during summers

4) Skirts

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and skirt image fashion, skirt, and style image
Skirts always give a classy and a cute look

5) Halter tops

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Halter tops are ADORABLE

6) Bikini

bikini, summer, and girl image beach, fit, and bikini image Image by MissMel
Summer is never complete without bikinis.

SO thats it guys! Have a happy summer