I chose things that fit me, not the things i'd loved to be. Enjoy :)

→ Flower

rose, red, and flowers image flowers, tulips, and white image rose, pink, and flowers image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image
Rose, Sunflower, Tulip

→ Movie

I have no idea

→ Moment

friends, shadow, and tumblr image Image removed white, bed, and aesthetic image plants, window, and city image
The golden hour

→ Fruit

strawberry, chocolate, and food image food, fruit, and strawberry image food, strawberry, and banana image strawberry, chocolate, and food image
Strawberry, Banana

→ City

paris, aesthetic, and building image travel, france, and paris image berlin, crazy, and germany image berlin, fernsehturm, and germany image
Paris, Berlin

→ Song

girls like girls image hayley kiyoko and kelsey chow image aesthetic, girls, and grunge image girls like girls, lesbian, and gay image
Girls like Girls – Hayley Kiyoko

→ Book

I have no idea

→ View

home, sea, and sky image city, sky, and sunset image sky, sunset, and clouds image sky, city, and purple image

→ Accesory

body, gold, and lace image fashion, necklace, and style image fashion, necklace, and accessories image girls, accessories, and beauty image

→ Weather

girl, hair, and beauty image sun, sunset, and sea image
a warm, but not too hot, sunny day

→ Clothing item

dress, fashion, and wedding image dress, pink, and fashion image fashion, Couture, and dress image fashion, dress, and model image

→ Drink

milk, aesthetic, and pink image milk, grunge, and blue image

→ Famous

aesthetic, eleven, and girls image Lea Seydoux, actress, and blonde image Angelina Jolie, actress, and beauty image lily collins, actress, and dress image

→ Color

yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image Image by tenderly

→ Season

flowers, garden, and nature image photography, travel, and adventure image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, flowers, and orange image

→ Feeling

rings, nails, and ring image Image by ほし☆ girl, sea, and photography image flowers, red, and dark image

→ Tv Show

Supergirl and melissa benoist image gif, isabella gomez, and lydia riera image Image by kayla. wynonna earp, wayhaught, and wynonna+earp image
Supergirl, One Day at a Time, The 100, Wynonna Earp

→ Element

summer, sea, and beach image blue, gif, and nature image waves, ocean, and sea image waves, blue, and ocean image

→ fictional character

isabella gomez, odaat, and one day at a time image one day at a time, elena alvarez, and odaat image one day at a time, elena alvarez, and isabella gomez image one day at a time, odaat, and elena alvarez image
Elena Alvarez, One Day at a time

→ cast of a tv show

bob morley, richard harmon, and the 100 image richard harmon, marie avgeropoulos, and the 100 image the 100, eliza taylor, and lindsey morgan image the 100 and abby image
The cast of The 100

→ scent

candle, fall, and autumn image candle, aesthetic, and white image

→ school subjetct

art, blue, and grunge image coffee, study, and school image books, journaling, and journals image book, art, and van gogh image
art, english, history

→ Superhero

superman, pink, and wallpaper image pink, super girl, and overlay image charm bracelet, diy, and diy supplies image Supergirl, kara danvers, and dc comics image

→ mythical creature

aesthetic, aesthetics, and fairy tale image fairy, fairy world, and world image aesthetic, eye, and makeup image butterfly, dreamy, and kawaii image
fairy or mermaid

→ disney princess

girl, hair, and braid image inspiration, quotes, and true image rose, red, and flowers image book and reading image
Belle, Beauty and the beast

→ object

camera, white, and photo image nature, ocean, and photography image white, polaroid, and aesthetic image photography, photo, and camera image
Camera and photos

→ make up product

makeup, eyeshadow, and beauty image makeup, lipstick, and kylie image makeup, beauty, and lipstick image makeup, beauty, and glitter image
eyeshadow, highlighter or lipstick