We all had lots of crushes I guess. Or at least one. As kids we often thought that we were in love even if we weren't because real love is something different than having a crush on someone.

About a week ago, I came up with a very, I don't know, special thought. It was very late but suddenly it hit me and I couldn't forget this thought.

If I told you that most people are scared to tell someone they love them, you might agree. Real love doesn't last a few months, real love isn't just like a crush, as I told you before.
But if you chased your "real love" - the person you consider as your real love at that moment you would chase him/her very long, because love lasts a long time.

And you are just wasting your time chasing someone who has no interest in you. All the time you were wasting on this person you could've found someone else who you like and who likes you back.

Stop wasting your time. Tell your love you love them and if they don't love you back, it's time to stop wasting your precious time and find someone who really likes you back.