I made a deal with the devil
I let him love me
love me so hard that I could never forget about him
I let him see through me
flaws, vulnerability, not a single thing unseen,
I let him kiss me with his fiery lips
I let him touch me with his scarred hands

I said, I'll never fall for him,
he laughed and said
Oh dear, fall for me you will
after all I am the devil
it's a deal I said
his eyes as blue as the ocean
yet, so red with flames waiting to engulf me
captivated me in his devilish charm
so deep were they, hiding secrets behind them
I knew all along that he will break my heart,
but who doesn't love a challenge,

the devil doesn't have a heart they say
but oh, when our chests collided
I could positively feel something beating inside his chest
then did I realise,
that I'm the devil too,
both of us are similar,
afraid to fall in love,
afraid to let someone in,
afraid to let our tiny hearts break into a thousand pieces,
I love you, I said
he laughed and left,

I let him love me
I let him break me into pieces
and I would do this a thousand times over
for the devil was so beautiful