1) "What did I use to do when I was younger (and alone) ?"
Goal : Finding your first desires, the ones that you may have forgotten because of what your parens, friends or society.

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2) "When did I feel happy for the last time ? What made me happy ?"
Goal : Finding what truly matters to you.

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3) "Do I feel happy to live the coming day ?" (to do in the morning)
Goal : Find what may cause insatisfaction.

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4) "What would I do if I weren't scared ?"
Goal : The point here isn't to run away from home or things like that, it's just to find some of your dreams which you can start working on.

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5) "If I died today, what would be my biggest regrets ?"
Goal : Finding what you can do to be a happier and not regretful person.

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6) "What am I good at ? What are my biggest talents ?"
Goal : Finding some activities you could do to be more fulfilled.

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7) "What are my biggest successes ?"
Goal : Just some positivity ! :-)

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8) "Which of my flaws would I like to work on ?"
Goal : Learning from your mistakes and what you should do in order to avoid feeling bad because of some decision you take or your behavior.

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9) "What am I grateful for ?"
Goal : Feeling happier and lucky to have your life (and also because everything can't be as bad as we may sometimes think).

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10) "What do I need to completely be myself ?"
Goal : Getting back to the real you.

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11) "When was the last time I did something for the first time ? How did I feel ?"
Goal : Experiencing something new and feeling excited to live again !

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12) "What do I believe in ? What are my values ?"
Goal : Learning what are the beliefs that will lead you.

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13) "What are the things or people that don't help me feeling happier ?"
Goal : Getting rid of what or who don't serve you.

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14) "What do I need to give myself permission to do ? Am I being the person that hold me back doing what I want ?"
Goal : Sometimes, you don't allow yourself to get your dreams done. If the answer to this question is yes, you may need to adjust some of your behavior towards yourself (it's usually because we are to rough with ourselves).

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15) "What do I want and what do I need ?"
Goal : Stop doing things you don't really want to do and/or that don't contribute to your happiness.

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A good thing to do is also to make a list of things you do everyday and a list of things that make you happy, then compare the lists and adjust. :-)

Have a nice day !